V10 Plus : personalized Japanese skin care

Facial skin care products made with active, high-performance ingredients? That is exactly what drives the success behind Japanese brand V10 Plus.

A Japanese cosmetics brand based on tailor-made skin care

V10 Plus is a Japanese cosmetics brand specializing in facial skin care. Created in 2005 by Akiko Yokota, is stands out among others thanks to skin care products designed with carefully selected ingredients that deliver fantastic results.

V10 Plus products are made with natural actives and do not contain chemical fragrances, artificial colors or mineral oils.

Mono-active serums to mix

Japanese brand V10 Plus distinguishes itself from other brands thanks to its extensive range of complementary serums that may be used alone or combined.

The most common skin problems, caused by pollution, UV rays or stress provoked by our hectic lifestyles are inevitable and affect all skin types. The V10 Plus range is the perfect solution to tackle the most common skin problems. The brand also offers several other ways to fight skin aging.

Filling out the V10 Plus evaluation questionnaire

enables customers to determine which serums are best adapted to their skin type and the skin problems they want to solve.These innovative and strong serums are packaged in brightly-colored bottles. This rainbow array supports the use of color therapy as well as offering tailor-made skin care that addresses the entire spectrum of skin problems: dry skin, irritation, age spots, blemishes, sagging skin, etc.But V10 Plus is not limited to serums alone!

V10 Plus facial skin care

For daily beauty rituals, the V10 Plus brand offers a range of skin care products in colorful tubes such as cleansing milks and gels, face masks, anti-aging treatments, serums and even a sun cream. All are inspired by Japanese culture and are formulated with innovative natural ingredients that enhance the skin while letting it breathe.

These products were designed to be part of a 4-step beauty ritual:

The complete range of V10 Plus facial skin care products includes:

A myriad of facial skin care products epitomizing Japanese cosmetic expertise, all at the service of beautiful skin.

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V10 Plus brand strengths:


and effective ingredients

Skin care that

targets the entire spectrum of skin problems


mono-active cosmetics that get the job done