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Founded in Wicklow, Ireland in 1992, toothpaste experts Beverly Hills Formula designs high-end whitening toothpastes that are effective and affordable. Already available in department stores, beauty institutes, beauticians, pharmacies, health and beauty stores, spas, hair salons and perfumery stores… These professional quality toothpastes are used every day by our customers to whiten tooth enamel, prevent tartar build up, soothe sensitivity, freshen breath and protect the teeth.

A range of toothpastes that is popular in pharmacies

The Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White range of toothpastes deliver professional quality tooth whitening results for that “Hollywood smile” without the need for harsh abrasives and bleach.

The toothpaste made with charcoal: Perfect White Black

What’s the secret weapon in the most famous Beverly Hills Formula toothpaste? Activated charcoal, an ingredient with proven results. It is one of the safest and most effective whitening agents that exists. Perfect White Black eliminates bacteria causing bad breath, neutralizes odors and leaves your breath feeling fresh all day.

Activated Charcoal is also known for its effectiveness on stains caused by coffee, tea, wine, berries and spices. It eliminates tannins on the surface of your teeth without damaging the enamel. 

Hydrated silica combined with activated charcoal ensures high-quality whitening in a toothpaste that may be used daily. Sodium fluoride in Perfect White Black toothpaste reinforces tooth enamel, helps prevent cavities and protects from acid attacks.

This best-selling toothpaste is also available in a version especially formulated for sensitive teeth and gums : Perfect White Black Sensitive.

The toothpaste with real gold particles: Perfect White Gold

As authentic pioneers in the design of innovative whitening toothpastes, Beverly Hills Formula launched Perfect White Gold which contains actual gold particles. Gold has anti-bacterial properties and is thus used in the medical field to reduce the risk of infection and to stimulate cell growth. Thanks to its concentration in gold particles and its balanced formula, revolutionary Perfect White Gold toothpaste:

Helps fight gingivitis and promote good oral hygiene (gold particles)

Offers high-performance whitening (Hydrated Silica)

Dissolves stains and prevents food particles from settling on the teeth (pentasodium triphosphate)

Invisibly coats the surface of the teeth to prevent bacteria from forming (tetrasodium pyrophosphate)

Reinforces tooth enamel and protects teeth from acid attacks (Sodium Fluoride).

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The Irish brand’s other high-end toothpastes

The whitening range from the Irish experts doesn’t end just there: the range is rounded out by Perfect White Optic Blue toothpaste (with blue filter technology) and Perfect White Extreme White Amethyst (with Cetraria Islandica extract and Japanese pyrophosphates).

Distributing Beverly Hills Formula toothpastes provides your customers with an upscale, high-performance oral hygiene solution that is affordable and targets a host of dental issues.

Become an official partner of Beverly Hills Formula, the innovative whitening toothpaste experts and become a reseller!

Beverly Hills Formula brand strengths :


professional-quality tooth whitening results

Innovative technology

formulated without abrasives or bleach


adapted to sensitive teeth and other oral hygiene issues