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Date of last update: : 04/08/2022

The website https://www.larivieredistribution.com/ (hereinafter the “Website” »), is edited by La Rivière, whose identity and contact details are specified in the legal information. legal information

These terms of use (hereinafter the “Terms”) determine the terms and conditions applicable to the use and consultation of the Website by the Users.

Enforceability of these Terms

These Terms enter into force on the date they are published online and are applicable to all Users. They are enforceable against the Users from the time of their first use of the Website, and remain so for the entire duration of their use of the Website.

They may be modified at any time by La Rivière. Users must therefore review them regularly.

Access to the Website and Liability

La Rivière reserves the right to limit or suspend access to the Website, without prior notice, notably in order to carry out preventive or corrective maintenance operations, updates or for security reasons.

La Rivière may also complete or modify any information on the Website and any products presented therein without prior notice in order to improve its commercial offer.

La Rivière shall make its best efforts to allow the User to access the Website at all times and shall do its best to provide a quality access.

However, La Rivière does not undertake to ensure that the Website operates without errors, defects or interruptions. Furthermore, La Rivière may not be held responsible for malfunctions attributable to third parties, to the User of the Website, to a case of force majeure, or to technical failures inherent in the functioning of telecommunications, the Internet network or of the User’s terminal.

La Rivière shall not be held responsible for any damage that may result from the temporary or permanent unavailability of the Website, from modifications made to the Website, or from modifications resulting from maintenance operations.

Intellectual property rights

The presentation and content of the Website, including, but not limited to, the trademarks, trade names, images, logos, texts, videos, the database, and domain names and products of La Rivière and its partners, as well as the software and programs used to publish the Website (the « Elements ») constitute, together or separately, distinctive signs or works protected under the applicable intellectual property legislation.

La Rivière is the owner or beneficiary of the intellectual property rights required to use the Elements and the Website.

Access to the Website and these Terms do not give the User any intellectual property rights relating to the Website and the Elements, and the User undertakes to only use the Elements for private and personal use. The User may not claim any intellectual property rights on the Elements.

Any total or partial violation of the rights held by La Rivière on the Elements or the Website would constitute an infringement and is prohibited, particularly the representation, modification, transmission, publication, adaptation, on any medium whatsoever, by any means whatsoever, or the exploitation in any way whatsoever of all or part of the Website without the prior written authorization of La Rivière.

Personal data

In relation to the use of this Website, La Rivière may collect, process and store the User’s personal data. For more information on the processing of the User’s personal data, please consult read more.


In relation to the use of this Website, La Rivière may issue and place cookies onto the User’s terminal. The use of cookies stored on the User’s terminal will be carried out in accordance with the cookie policy.


Hyperlinks to other Internet sites may be featured on the Website. Data collected on these websites is not communicated to La Rivière, which is not responsible for its processing.

La Rivière cannot be held liable for the services offered or the information provided by these websites. La Rivière therefore declines any liability relating to the content referred to by the hyperlinks thus featured on the Website, as well as any liability resulting from the use made of the User’s data on the said websites.

The insertion of hyperlinks to any part of the Website is subject to the prior written authorisation of La Rivière, being understood that La Rivière reserves the right to withdraw this authorisation at any time, for any reason whatsoever. In this event, the hyperlink to the Website shall be removed upon request from La Rivière.

Practices such as scrapping, the reproduction of any element of the Website, framing techniques to insert a registered trademark, a logo or any other information mentioned on the Website of La Rivière (including images, texts, layout or form) are prohibited without prior authorisation from La Rivière.


In the event of a claim, the User may contact La Rivière’s Customer Service at the following address:

838 Route de La Rivière, La Rivière, 12390 Auzits 
Phone : 05 65 63 05 18
Email : infos@larivieredistribution.com

Applicable law

These Terms as well as all disputes arising from the use of the Website are subject to French law.


Any dispute not resolved amicably shall be submitted to the competent court, determined according to applicable law.