About us

A «Brit » at the Helm …

Seeking out innovative cosmetics from just about every corner of the earth is one of La Rivière Distribution’s main objectives and in so doing this distribution company truly differentiates itself through its know-how, offering the very best to its customers. Furthermore, when you discover who is behind this smooth sailing operation you will understand just why!

Nikki Field, British through and through, is President and Managing Director of La Rivière Distribution. Yes! She’s the one behind the successful launch of the John Frieda hair care brand in France. As manager of the French subsidiary Nikki achieved an amazing feat in simultaneously placing the products in all distribution circuits from selective to mass market as well as pharmacies and drugstores. This visionary distribution strategy is still considered a model in the business. 

Small streams make big rivers!

La Rivière Distribution is sailing full steam ahead! What started out as a small yet tightly run ship is constantly expanding and evolving, and thanks to their expertise other companies are now entrusting their brands to La Rivière Distribution.

La Rivière Distribution is a very cosmopolitan company and has chosen quite naturally to specialise in foreign “niche” brands wanting to get a foothold in the French market.

Thanks to La Rivière’s innate ability to seek out and commercialise innovative new products, the famous American eyelash serum RevitaLash®Advanced, and other Brands like MARULA Pure Beauty Oil®, V10 Plus, Beverly Hills Formula, Artis, and Regenesis are now widely available to the delight of French consumers.

Nikki and her team regularly travel throughout France assisting and training resellers, and airline tickets are always at hand to fly off in search of new products to broaden La Rivière’s portfolio.


 La Rivière : pragmatic, visionary, reactive

La Rivière Distribution pays great attention to detail and to the specific DNA of each of its brands, enabling the company to offer a truly tailor-made range of services.

The company handles the majority of its service “in-house” :

  • Consulting
  • Market study
  • Marketing – Adapting a brand to be in keeping with the local market
  • Administrative issues related to the launch of a brand in France
  • Logistics – the Rivière Distribution has its own order, fulfilment and dispatching platform strategically situated lovely Aveyron countryside in southwestern France
  • Translating and interpreting
  • Communication, PR and social networking
  • Copywriting

A Mind Set … a Promise

La Rivière Distribution marches on whilst maintaining a profound and sincere desire to remain a close-knit company with a human touch.