(English) The Wonders of Water.

Just last week, feeling that my batteries needed recharging I jumped into the car and less than three hours later I set my bag down in the Auvergne Region of France overlooking the iconic volcanic mountain range famous for internationnaly renowned Volvic mineral water.

From the summit of the Puy du Dome, that I gravitated by funicular railway, the view was simply stunning and it got me thinking about how important water is to our organism and as part of a daily beauty ritual!

Pure, crystal clear water is the lsource of life.   All of us know the importance of hydration but have you ever stopped and thought about the benefits of water?

Let’s now take a dive into the wonders of water and discover all that it has to offer especially when it comes to our skin and hair, two areas of which, as beauty experts, we know more than a little about.

Did you know that skin is the largest organ of the body? Just like the other organs of our body it is made up of cells?  These cells need water to function properly and in many different ways.

Water is essential to maintain optimal skin moisture and deliver essential nutrients to the skin cells. It replenishes the skin tissue and increases elasticity. This helps delay signs of premature ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines.

Although as a cosmetic distributer, perhaps I shouldn’t say this, but water, if needs be and there is no other option, can be a perfect replacement for expensive anti-ageing treatments.  It keeps the skin well hydrated and glowing, thereby, enhancing the complexion.  For soft and supple skin, drinking an adequate amount of water is essential.

Drinking sufficient water combats skin disorders like psoriasis, wrinkles and eczema. It also increases the metabolic rate and improves the digestive system for a radiant complexion.

A nice cool shower or a relaxing bath can calm nerves and reduce stress related damage to the skin. Immerse and soak your entire body in cold water for 2 to 3 minutes to rejuvenate the skin. However, moderation is the key word as long exposure of the skin to water can strip out the natural oils.

Cold water can help to reduce redness and prepares the skin for make-up. After opening the pores with warm water, you can close them by splashing your face with cold water. Cold water tightens pores and prevents them from getting clogged and developing into acne.

Cold-water compresses can also help to reduce under-eye inflammation. As the water evaporates from the skin, the surface becomes cooler. Splashing cold water on the eyes can also reduce puffiness.

In former times, people in Eastern Europe would regularly visit bathhouses to detoxify and tighten the skin.  This is still a popular tradition in cities like Budapest that I was lucky to experience last year.  The process involves a steam-room session, followed by a cool water plunge to tighten the skin.

Water is also an important ally when it comes to you hair.

It is a miraculous natural ingredient that is vital to healthy hair growth. One quarter of the weight of a single strand of hair is comprised of water hence the importance of drinking two litres a day for glossy and healthy tresses.

Our hair thrives in moisture-rich environment and water is one of the best ways to quench its thirst. Just like our skin, hair also needs lubrication from inside out. Dehydration has a direct impact on hair growth.  Lack of moisture can result in dry and brittle hair. It may even stop growing at the maximum genetic rate if you don’t drink enough water to meet your daily needs. The roots of the hair are the means by which water is transported from the body. They soak up water very much like a plant and provide hydration to the rest of the strand.

Our scalp and roots have photosensitive and energy saving nerve endings which receive and transmit signals. Water energizes the nerve endings to enhance the natural vitality of the skin and hair roots. Drinking water also helps to eliminate hair problems such as dry scalp and dandruff.

So next time you turn on the tap or pop out to buy a bottle of sparking or still mineral water don’t underestimate just how good it is for you.  Cheers!

(English) The Wonders of Water.