V10 Plus

Bespoke Japanese skin care

Produits V10

Most common skin problems are caused by pollution, UV rays and especially the stress of our daily lives; they are practically unavoidable and concern us all.

The V10 Plus range is the perfect solution to these skin problems and signs of aging. With the self-evaluation questionnaire, consumers determine which of the specific serums to use according to their skin type and particular needs. The serums come in colourful dropper bottles. A rainbow of colour therapy that enables an easy-to-use, bespoke solution for dryness, irritation, age spots, blemishes and sagging skin, etc.

In an array of colourful tubes V10 Plus offers a daily skin care ritual including the Cleansing Gel, the Cleansing Milk, the replenishing Okinawa Deep Sea Water Mask, their famous Water Based Peeling with rice bran that gently exfoliates, the Deep Moist Gel and the indispensable Water Base Sun Block that protects the skin while letting it breathe.

The range includes:

10 serums and 1 intensive brightening serum

Ceramide Cleansing Gel

Water Base Sun Block

Water Based Peeling

Soothing Cleansing Milk

Okinawa Deep Sea Water Mask

Deep Moist Gel

Day Milk Gel

Night Gel

LX Advanced Lifting Treatment Cream

LX Advanced Eye Treatment Cream