The ReGenesis™ range

The name ReGenesis™ says it all: this hair care collection promotes the “renaissance” or rebirth of your hair so you can experience Beauty Reborn™… it’s as simple as that!

In the race against time and aging, our hair is often overlooked. When it comes to skin, we splurge on the latest creams, lotions or serums to look less tired and younger. We are willing to scrimp and save to pay for expensive dental work to get that beautiful smile that does not betray our age, but where our hair is concerned, it’s another story.

ReGenesis™: your scalp and hair’s precious ally

The collection’s six products cater to your scalp’s often overlooked health as they moisturise and soothe the skin, cleanse and clear the pores, as well as remove product build-up. ReGenesis™ products nourish, protect and strengthen hair whilst improving volume and shine. Your hair is smoothed which makes untangling easier and limits breakage, it is also softer and most of all, it looks and feels fuller and thicker.

ReGenesis™: science and technology with proven results.

It is important to note that the ReGenesis™ collection is based on the same science and performance as RevitaLash® Cosmetics, a brand that has long proven its worth.

The Hair Volume Enhancer products feature our patented Advanced BioPeptin Complex®; a high-performance formula already used in RevitaLash® Cosmetics products. It is combined with Dual-Phase RevitaSome® technology, a breakthrough innovation developed by RevitaLash® Cosmetics.

Layered like an onion, RevitaSome® microspheres alternate lipid layers and water soluble layers, and deliver the Advanced BioPeptin Complex® made up of fatty acids, peptides and antioxidants where they are needed the most to help promote more beautiful hair. The time-release technology helps ingredients disperse over an extended period of time and favours improved absorption for optimal results.

ReGenesis™ products also feature novel, powerful botanicals such as Loquat Leaf which sheathes hair and makes it appear thicker; Willowbark which naturally exfoliates and detoxifies the scalp; Belarus Bioactive Silt moisturizes and nourishes hair and skin, and Micro-Algae which work to strengthen and thicken lacklustre hair.

The products:

Hair Volume Enhancers

• Micro-Targeting Spray

• Fast-Absorbing Foam

Daily Care

• Thickening Shampoo

• Thickening Conditioner

Specific Treatments

• Spot Serum

• Detoxifying mask for hair and scalp