Marula Pure Beauty Oil

For centuries, African women have revered the restorative benefits of Marula Pure Beauty Oil – now their secret for radiant, glowing skin is yours.

Beauty innovation: multi-purpose anti-aging facial oil made from 99% pure, sustainable Marula Pure Beauty Oil from Africa and 1% pure essential oil blend.

Scientific validation: doctor-endorsed, clinically proven.

Fair Trade and Sustainable:  it actually supports rural families in Africa who produce it using sustainable harvesting practices.

60% more antioxidants than Argan or Grapeseed oils to better reduce signs of ageing

Light texture and fast absorption so there’s never a greasy after feel

Great for all skin types.

  • Use alone as a highly effective anti-aging moisturizer
  • Use before other facial products to boost their efficacy
  • Add a few drops to any cleanser to increase anti-bacterial and hydration benefits leaving skin soft and healthy
  • Use after facial peels to hydrate and promote healing
  • Use after sunburn to calm and soothe skin or under your sunscreen for antioxidant power
  • Apply before make-up as a primer

The products:

Pure Marula Facial Oil in 3 sizes: 7ml (roller), 30ml and 50ml

Pure Marula Eye Cream

Pure Marula Foaming Cleansing Oil

Pure Marula Facial Lotion

Pure Marula Lip Balm