Beautiful Brushes – Remarkable Results™

Exceptional brushes

Their elegance calls to mind sophisticated silverware, with a resolutely contemporary look and design. The first impression is one of luxurious objects with impeccable finishings that you would want to showcase on your dressing table with the rest of your most beautiful accessories and makeup products – think jewel-like cases and cut-crystal bottles!

A new concept for an essential makeup tool

Artis is the Latin word for “skill, method, technique, conduct, character”, and that is exactly how they differ from classic brushes. Artis™ brushes are an ergonomically designed evolution of what a makeup brush should be. Indeed, classic makeup brushes were never designed for people to apply makeup on themselves; they are simply watercolour art brushes re-labelled as makeup brushes. One distinguishing feature of Artis™ brushes is the curved and tilted handle that positions the fibre bundle perpendicularly to the skin. The handle fits the curves of your hand and fingers, so the brush is naturally easier to hold, control and move; applying and blending powders, shadows and other makeup products on yourself is easy.

Professional makeup tools and expertise for personal use

Designed by a famous professional makeup artist, Artis™ brushes, each in their own way, offer unparalleled performance. Be it for applying everyday makeup or for more elaborate contouring, each brush becomes a precision tool that optimizes makeup application and blending. The uniform structure of the CosmeFibre® bundle enables uniform application and the extra-fine tapered ends make it possible to apply products more consistently than with animal hair brushes, thus ensuring optimal coverage with a smaller amount of product.

Super-soft 100% animal-free brushes

Artis™ brushes not only feel wonderful on the skin but they are ethical as well: the CosmeFibre® bundles are made without animal hairs or by-products. They suit all skin types, even the most sensitive, and boast a very gentle feel during application!

Choose one, or several!

11 types of brushes are available, each corresponding to different makeup techniques and zones of the face: you’re sure to find your dream brush – or brushes – in the Artis™ Elite Smoke Collection!

Circle 1 et Circle 1R :

These were designed with a small round flat or domed bundle to apply lip products or for the targeted application of concealer or eye shadow

Linears 1, 3 et 6 :

With their narrow rows of fibres, these brushes were designed to apply products in a line: perfect for a precise line at the base of lashes or for crisp, linear shapes in special effects makeup.

Ovals 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10

Their oval-shaped bundles in various sizes are perfect for applying and blending makeup on different parts of the face, or on the body. The Oval 7 brush is considered the most multi-purpose.

Palm Brush

The Palm Brush was designed to fit comfortably in the hand, with a grip band that allows the fingertips to more easily hold the brush during use. This brush applies and blends foundation, blush, highlights, setting powder, and can even be used to apply skincare to the face and body. Can be used by men or women to apply makeup and skincare products.

Palm Brush mini

The Palm Brush Mini is a smaller size of the iconic Palm Brush, this handle-less brush is designed to apply cosmetic & skincare products to smaller areas of the face.