The Frugal Bride

What on earth is happening?  I couldn’t believe my ears the other day when I heard that an ever increasing number of youngsters, when asked what they wanted to be replied “A Reality TV Star”!!

True, I guess the regular panel of careers whether they be intellectual, manual or artistic require dedication and … hard work and, that said, the proverbial carrot in terms of remuneration does not always come up to expectations. But … reality TV star? What is the world coming to???

This week, the not to be missed news breaking extravaganza was the wedding of high priestess of Reality TV, Kim Kardashian to rapper Kanye West.  To be honest, I suppose Kim’s rise to mega-stardom is what the modern day fairy tale is made of!  Kim however is no Cinderella  … her father Robert Kardashian  was one of the 9 lawyer dream team  to defend O.J. Simpson and lead to his acquittal.

Without jumping onto the reality TV band wagon (heaven forbid), here at LRD we have followed some of KK’s (that’s Kim and sister Khloé) beauty tips and tricks as they were among the first celebrity users of our amazing RevitaLash® lash serum.

But back to the 12 million dollar Florentine nuptials! In the press we learn that Kim’s white lace Givenchy dress cost a cool 500 000$, the venue a snip at 410 000$ and the tiered vanilla and berry 7ft wedding cake just 7000$!

But, it’s Kim’s sense of economy that gets my votes!  Her perfect pout for that “you may kiss the bride” moment was awarded to a 9$ tube of L’Oréal Lipstick – Colour Riche Exraordinaire Liquid in Nude Ballet, proving just what a frugal bride she was!


The Frugal Bride