Purple Reign!

It’s the end of a reign, yes another one …

Only a few months ago we were paying homage to the late and great David Bowie and today it’s evident that our thoughts go out to he who can only be described as a modern day maestro.   Excelling in every aspect of his art, Prince will clearly be remembered not only for his musical career that spanned over near on four decades but also for his take on gender fluidity, brilliantly interpreted for a truly iconoclast style.

Whilst I will leave any musical appreciation to the experts and connoisseurs and that includes our very own Marc Cosnard des Closets co-director of La Rivière Distribution, it’s spotlight now on hair and make-up for a look fit for a Prince!

Over the years Prince’s hair and make-up transformed as much as his ever-evolving sound, shifting from tousled curls and fresh-faced skin to a large Afro and smoky liner.

In the 80’s at the beginning of his career, prince sported a moustache and a thick head of untamed curls that gradually became glossier as well as keeping facial hair short and tidy.

By the time he released his legendry “Purple Rain” in 1982 he had opted for long textured waves kept in place with a “pirate” style shimmering scarf that would eventually leave way for an ultra debonair vintage look with a parting and plenty of styling cream.

A new decade, a new Prince who reinvented himself to perfection with a dramatically tousled mane, full on Kohl and lipstick.

Prince nearly always used make-up to give depth and definition to his eyes.  Whether a dramatic, hypnotic “smokey” before they even existed I might add, a discreet “swish”, bold precision liner or even a dash of pink or purple – you name it … he did it! He even experimented with intricate henna hand-art.

In the latter years Prince’s tresses were often highlighted in chestnut or contrasting tones and by 2013 he rocked a glorious Afro, a style that would accompany him to the end …

But, when all is said and done for me, his boyish and charming smile was possibly his best ever accessory!

Prince is dead … Long Live Prince!

Purple Reign!