Pandora’s Pink October!

October is an important month at LRD as for those of you who follow us, you will know that Athena Cosmetics who manufacture RevitaLash® are key players when it comes to supporting Breast Cancer Awareness and Research, and not only during Pink October but all year long!

On opening Pandora’s box (for it was indeed a beautiful white embossed one from the famous Danish jeweler “Pandora”), not a single evil in sight but a stylish and delicate silk thread and silver bracelet nestled in black velvet instead!

For the second year running, Pandora has created a very special bracelet in collaboration with Marie Claire to celebrate Pink October and that can be worn proudly as a talisman. The emblematic silver charm carries the word HOPE spelled out in 56 pink zircons.

The totality of the proceeds coming from the sale of this beautiful, exclusive piece will go to the association “Le Cancer du Sein, Parlons-en!”, the French branch of the Evelyn Lauder Breast Cancer Foundation to support research, screening, reparative surgery and to improving the quality of life of women suffering from breast cancer.

PS: Don’t forget, another great gift idea is our special Limited Edition Celebration Pink Revitalash® (Consult for a reseller near you).

Pandora’s Pink October!