Onward … with La Rivière!

It was only to be expected.  After the traditional 100 days of grace, Macron bashing is making headline news.  This week, France’s young and freshly elected president has been in the spotlight as his freelance make-up and hair artist bills a whopping 26 000€ for services rendered during the first three months of presidency.  Whilst this is indeed a princely or rather a presidential sum it has to be said that it is less than his predecessor François Hollande who hired a fulltime professional at 30K€ per month to camouflage the presidential pimples and master the art, with limited success of the “comb-over”!!

This is all very bad timing as President Macron is already under fire with the announcement of budget cuts and the divisive labour reform.

However, the Elysées Palace has declared that they are looking into ways of cutting the cost and finding a cheaper alternative.  So, just imagine if La Rivière Distribution could jump to the rescue!

Whilst using cosmetics for TV appearances and press conferences remains a necessity to reduce shine or to catch the light for example, our advice to Emmanuel Macron would be to adopt a simple yet efficient skincare ritual so as to give his make-up professionals a great canvas to work on.  This would already be a time saver and as we all know …  time is money.

Of course, Emmanuel Macron has youth on his side … for the moment anyway.  However, have you ever noticed how, almost overnight, freshly elected presidents age.  It probably has something to do with the sudden realisation of responsibility and the weight of closely guarded secrets that us mere mortals know nothing about!

Before even talking cosmetics, there are two factors that certainly help us all to keep looking fresh and youthful – plenty of sleep and plenty of water.  Whilst the president is one of the lucky few that can survive on an average of four hours sleep a night and still look refreshed, we’d still remind him that drinking 1.5 litres of water a day is essential.  Following my recent escapade to the Spa town of Vichy in central France, my choice would be the naturally sparkling spring water Vichy Célestins renowned for clearing the skin of toxins to make way for a radiant complexion.

Exfoliation is probably at the top of our presidential skin ritual.  Our Water Based Peeling with Rice Bran and Seaweed Extract from Japanese brand V10 Plus would be a great choice.  Quick, easy and gentle enough to use daily, it not only removes impurities but also helps to free up hair follicles to avoid them ingrowing and causing pimples … a common problem for men who shave.  For additional radiance and skin density the president could also use Colbert MD Intensify and Tone Control disks for microdermabrasion and brightening respectively.

What man has never suffered from post shave “fire”?  The President is certainly no exception so an application of our miraculous Marula Pure Beauty Oil ® is a great way to soothe away shaving rash and irritation.

When you’re under the spotlights, that last thing you want is greasy looking skin.  The perfect moisturiser that President Marcron should use to help combat shine would be V10 Plus’s Deep Moist Gel.  It also helps to keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay as it contains no less that four types of Hyaluronic acid. And of course, whether there is sun or not the Water Based SPF 40 Sunscreen from the same brand.   It offers over 13 hours of protection and gives a fabulous non-greasy, velvety finish.

Over the past decade the emergence of the metrosexual movement means that men are no longer stigmatized for wanting to take care of their appearance and wearing foundation or bronzing power is now common practice.  Whatever the President or his make-up artist decide to apply to his skin, an absolute “must” investment would be the iconic Artis© Brush Oval N° 7 or the practical Palm Brush, particularly appreciated by the boys because of its virile and ergonomic design.

This revolutionary range of make-up brushes that we now distribute all over France has just made its grand entry into “Le Printemps” department Store in Paris.

Foundation, powder or bronzer can be applied in seconds and because these brushes have been designed specifically for self-application, President Macron could almost do away with a make-up artist altogether!!! Now that’s what I call an economy!

For the moment Emmanuel Macron is blessed with a full head of hair and does not have to deal with the same hair (or lack of) issues as his predecessor.  That said, stress and constant styling can take its toll so we would suggest that he adopt ReGenesis™ by RevitaLash®, our anti-ageing hair care range developed by RevitaLash® Cosmetics. The volumising shampoo and conditioner treat the hair and give added body whilst the quick absorbing mousse with it proprietary formula is an excellent solution for fine or thinning hair.

If President Macron doesn’t yet need this product, he could always give it to the “Orange President” to help resolve the “comb-forward” issue resulting from hair loss!  All the products of the range are compatible with coloured hair too … even yellow!

No public appearance, particularly for a president who takes special care of his image would be complete without a bright, white presidential smile.  So, no prizes for guessing that we’d be slipping our Perfect White Black whitening toothpaste by Beverly Hills Formula into his toilet bag. Containing activated charcoal, it not only combats stains, particularly tannin based ones such as coffee and red wine, but also keeps breath fresh … so important with all those seniors, children and babies to kiss at public meetings!

Last but not least our final contribution has to be our hero product RevitaLash® Advanced eyelash serum.  Just for the record this wouldn’t be for the president himself,  but we’d ask him to slip it into Brigitte’s handbag … we’re sure she’d love it!

Onward … with La Rivière!