Monday is did you know day!

As we dive into a brand new week how about a little quiz to wake up the neurones and tune into beauty mode?

Does anyone have any idea what has been voted the most iconic beauty trend of all time?

Well, in third place came false lashes popularised in the 60’s and with a strong following to this day especially for those who are yet to discover the virtues of RevitaLash®!

In second place, still in the eye department, the classic Smokey Eye favoured by just about every woman at some point in her life but, THE iconic beauty trend of all time goes to … Marilyn’ Monroe’s scarlet lips proving that lipstick really is a girl’s best friend!

Marylin first sported the striking red pout in the 50’s as “The Girl” in Billy Wilder’s “Seven Year Itch” and it continued to be her trademark through the 60’s.

The use of “lipstick” goes back as far as 5000 BC when Mesopotamian women used crushed gemstones to colour their lips followed by the ancient Egyptians who extracted often toxic red dyes from minerals.

It wasn’t until the 16th century in England during the reign of Elizabeth I that lip colouring made from beeswax and berry juice became popular contrasted with ghostly white lead-based “foundation”.

The celebrated house of Guerlain produced the first manufactured lipsticks at the end of the 19th century and the rest is history!

So, not only has this indispensable cosmetic contributed to what has been voted as the iconic beauty trend of all time but it’s name has also become a classic in marketing terms with the famous “lipstick factor”.

Attributed to Leonard Lauder, the “lipstick factor” reveals that even during a recession folks will spend money on any small  product that brightens their life, improves their condition or lightens their load, whilst reining in on big-ticket items.

Thank you Miss Monroe !

Monday is did you know day!