Launching V10 Plus – More than a Product, a Heritage!

OK, so I’ve found my feet again after our three day marathon at the Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa Show in Paris and, what a show it was!

La Rivière Distribution has come a long way since our first participation four years ago when we presented just one brand, RevitaLash®.  This year our brand portfolio has more than quadrupled and alongside RevitaLash® prospective new customers as well as existing clients could discover new additions to the Marula Pure Beauty Oil™ range including a wonderful eye cream and and a moisturizing lotion, Feeligold anti-wrinkle and under-eye patches, Fnug, our lovely brand of Danish nail colors to which I will dedicate another blog post shortly and V10 Plus a very innovative brand of semi-bespoke facial serums from Japan!

For followers of our blog,  you may have read the post I wrote about V10 Plus earlier this year but after having the privilege and honor of receiving brand founder Mrs. Akiko Yokota and her team on our stand, there are some additional brand secrets that I’d like to share with you.

First of all, just one look at Akiko’s flawless complexion (without a trace of make-up) is enough to convince any prospective customer that V10 Plus is the real deal … and more!  True, she has the look of a delicate porcelain doll so characteristic of many Japanese women but what she explains to us about her skin care range really makes sense.  According to Akiko the secret of perfect skin starts with cleansing thus enabling the other products to really penetrate.

Along with the serums, we also presented V10 Plus’s Water Based Peeling Mask at the show,  a product developed by Akiko that is derived from ancestral family tradition. Imagine the japanese rice or paddy fields at the turn of the 19th century or before.  According to Japanese tradition, once the rice had been soaked to clean it, women, including Akiko’s great grandmother and grandmother alike used the soaking water to gently cleanse their faces and the sediment made up from the outer husk or bran served as a gentle exfoliant. Today, rice bran along with seaweed extract, another Japanese favorite, are the main ingredients in this wonderful scrub that can be used several times a week, by both men and women, without the risk of over cleansing.

Another step in Akiko’s beauty ritual is V10 Plus’s Okinawa Deep Sea Water Mask, tested by “your’s truly” during the show period as Akiko assured me that results are visible after just one application … and they were!  My skin felt moisture drenched, plumped and signs of fatigue seemed to have been “absorbed” along with the mask  … no need to rinse thoroughly with water … a spritz of mineral water will do the trick if there is any residue left.  My skin was so dehydrated by the air conditioning and the harsh lighting that there wasn’t!

So, what’s the secret?  The water used in the formulation of this mask is pumped from the very depths of the sea situated at the South West of Japan – the Okinawa Archipelago.  The Yokota Laboratory, who make the V10 Plus range is the only enterprise allowed to contract the pumping of this exceptionally pure and mineral rich water that makes the mask so special.

Last but not least, according to Akiko , perhaps the most important step of all, often “zapped” by western beauty culture, is the application of a great sun block.  You’ve dreamt of a water based, non chemical sunscreen with a high (40) SPF?  V10 Plus has the answer.  The secret of sun block it to wear it EVERY day, even when it’s not sunny and V10 Plus’s version is fabulous and non-greasy meaning that makeup can be applied directly after application.

We are delighted by the reception that this colorful new brand received at the show and look forward to selling it into new doors soon!  In the meanwhile if you are keen to discover our V10 Plus range, don’t forget that you can find it in our online store

See you again soon,  or as they say in Japanese, あなたすぐに !!

Launching V10 Plus – More than a Product, a Heritage!