Sushi, Sashimi … Konjak?

Whilst flicking through a magazine on the metro last evening after a rather laborious meeting, my eyes fell on this photo.  My tummy was rumbling and the thought of some healthy Japanese victuals brought a smile to my somewhat haggard face!  It was only when I read on, that I realised that these somewhat minimalist goodies were not actually for consumption but are latest trend in facial care  … direct from the land of the rising sun!

Revolutionary  Konjac “sponges” are made from the rhizome of the Konjac plant and can be used to cleanse the most sensitive of skins but with the efficacy equivalent of a peeling or an electric brush cleanser.  Once moistened, they take on a surprisingly supple and gelatinous texture  Their composition forms an aqueous alkaline barrier that protects the skin whilst opening pores. Japanese studies prove that Konjac is gentler on the skin than the softest of natural sponges.

When you feel like getting back to basics, and perhaps I shouldn’t be saying this as cosmetics are LRD’s business, facial cleansing products become totally obsolete!  Konjacs also exist in versions enriched with natural active ingredients  such as bamboo charcoal for oily skin, pink clay for sensitive complexions, green tea to help reduce acne and pimples and yutu (a Japanese citrus fruit) for dry skin. Larger “sponges” are available for body cleansing to be used with a single drop of shower gel to form a rich and unctuous lather.

If you are still not seduced by the prowess of these oriental marvels, they still have one more trick up their sleeve. Unlike traditional natural sponges Konjac is anti-bacterian meaning it can be used for several weeks without the risk bacterial colonies forming.  After use just rinse, ring out and leave to dry.

So, if you’re traveling light this summer or you just want to pare down your kit why not give them a try  …

Sushi, Sashimi … Konjak?