Roll up for Marula!

Today, a spotlight on one of LRD’s new products for fall 2014.

As you probably already know, the launch of pure Marula oil last year was already considered an event so this year’s Mini-Roller ball will certainly flying off the shelves with the same promise : Intensive Regeneration!

Marula is far richer in antioxidants that Argan or Grape Seed oil and when applied daily this precious beauty oil from East Africa not only repairs but also prolongs its wonderful moisturising effect.

The presentation of John Paul Selects pure Marula oil is already particularly sophisticated in stylish amber-coloured glass bottles (30ml and 50ml) to protect it from the light and with a practical golden cap with an integrated precision dropper.

For the fall,  LRD presents the brand new  7ml “roll-on” version that is great for traveling.  It delivers the perfect quantity of pure Marula oil so you can quickly moisturise wherever you are as it slips easily into a bag or pocket.

What’s more, it’s attractive pricing at around 17.50€ means that even more consumers will be able discover the wonders of pure Marula oil!  What better way to gently roll into fall!


Roll up for Marula!